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Quotation, Booking and Payment

The client receives a formal quotation based on the information provided, this includes the number of hours required and number of trips advised.  The client pays a non-refundable reservation deposit and/or full payment as acceptance of that quote.  Should the client later decide to add additional trips and/or mileage on top of those they originally advised, then each additional mile required will be charged at the standard rate of £3.  Add on trips or mileage will not be considered part of the inclusive mileage from the original quote. If the client subsequently changes their itinerary prior to the wedding day resulting in a reduction of the total ‘base to base’ mileage the original quotation agreed and accepted will not alter unless The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company agrees to this.

In the unlikely event a quotation has been incorrectly calculated due to human error and a booking has been made this may be corrected as long as The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company has sent notification of the error to the client within fourteen days of making their booking.  The client may then either accept the corrected quotation or cancel the reservation and receive a full refund of all monies paid. If the client after paying a deposit subsequently requires the original hire time adjusted an amendment may be made to the quoted price at the discretion of The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company.

The booking is made up of two payments: reservation deposit and final payment.  Added together they total the full quotation accepted by the client.  Both reservation and final payments may be paid together at the reservation stage should the client prefer to pay the whole amount in total.

The initial reservation deposit ensures the booked vehicle(s) have been reserved for the client. The reservation deposit is due once the client receives a booking confirmation from us.  The deposit is 30% of the total quotation amount and is due within seven days.  Failure to pay within seven days would result in the booking being cancelled so we can open the date up for other customers.  Payment may be made by bank transfer and details are given in the booking confirmation.

The booking is not confirmed until receipt of the completed reservation form and reservation deposit is received. Confirmation would then be sent to the client. Clients must advise The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company if, after paying their deposit, they have not received their itinerary and confirmation within seventy-two hours of their booking.  The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will not be held liable for booking misplacement or loss of reserved vehicle(s) if the client fails to advise us.

The final payment is due at any time not later than thirty days before the wedding date and we would send out a reminder.  If the balance is still outstanding twenty days prior to the hire date the booking will automatically be cancelled and and The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company reserve the right to re-book the vehicle(s) to other clients and all monies paid previously will be forfeited unless the client has agreed beforehand an extended final due date for the balance to be paid and have this confirmed in writing by The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company.

By paying a deposit or full or part payment and/or by ticking the agreement box on the reservation form the client is entering into a contract and confirming they have read these terms and conditions, they understand them and accept them in full and agree to be bound by them.


The client reserves the right to cancel their booking at any time. The initial standard deposit per vehicle is non-refundable if you cancel, however if you are simply postponing your original wedding date and re-booking to another date, subject to the vehicle you booked being available on the new date and all itinerary details remaining the same you will not lose your deposit as it will be transferred to the new date.  Should you wish to cancel completely you will be refunded any other money you have paid over and above the standard deposit for the quoted vehicle as long as cancellation is more than thirty-one days from the hire date.

All cancellations must be notified to The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company in writing (by email is acceptable), cancellations will not be accepted over the telephone. On receipt, we will confirm the booking cancellation by email which the client must then retain until after the cancelled wedding date as their proof of cancellation. The client must inform The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company if, after seven days of the date the cancellation being made, they have not received confirmation of the cancellation.  The client must not automatically assume their cancellation request has been received and actioned. It is the client’s responsibility to cancel the booking if the vehicle(s) are no longer required.  If the client does not advise The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company they wish to cancel their booking the contract will still be in place and the full balance will still be payable.

Changing a wedding date after a booking has been confirmed is deemed as a cancellation, however if a new date is set and your originally booked car(s) are available for the revised date your existing booking would be transferred to the new date without loss of deposit, however an administration fee may be charged if the transfer also involves a complete change of itinerary.

The Itinerary

It is the client’s responsibility to check the booking confirmation to ensure it is correct.  The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will not be held responsible for being provided with inaccurate information.

If you wish to make amendments to your booking we won’t charge you for making the update, however, The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company reserves the right to make an administration charge of £20 if changes are requested on more than one occasion to the original booking resulting in additional administration.  If changes or updates to the itinerary are required this must be advised in writing (email is acceptable) to The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company. Changes to itineraries will not be accepted over the telephone.  We will send an amended itinerary to the client each time amendments are made. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they receive a written amended itinerary every time they request changes and/or make updates and upon receipt must check their new requirements are correct. When sending changes via letter or email clients must not automatically assume their changes have been received as emails and letters can go astray, so the client must always assume their changes have not been received until they receive an amended itinerary from The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company. Clients must contact The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company if they are not in receipt of an amended itinerary within three days of requesting changes and/or updates as in the event we have not received the communication the previous unamended itinerary will still be in place.  The client must retain the amended itinerary from The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company detailing their new requirements until after the wedding date as this will be their only confirmation showing that changes were received.

Vehicle Access, Route Planning and Passes

Clients must advise The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company within twenty-eight days of the wedding if they require a specific route to be followed or intend to travel to another destination or require additional trips other than those originally notified on their reservation form and shown on our confirmation. Clients must also ensure sufficient time has been allowed for the trip(s) required especially if more than one trip to the ceremony venue is planned using the same car, clients must therefore consider the travel time in each direction plus five minutes minimum turnaround time at both ends.  Please remember that vintage or classic cars do not travel at the speed of today’s cars and it is better to allow adequate time. We are only able to confirm the arrival time at the first collection address. Clients must advise at the time of booking if any part of their journey is not over a normal standard road surface, for example an unmade road, track or narrow lane with trees and greenery protruding into the pathway of vehicles, or through fords, streams or if higher than normal, raised speed humps are present as prior assessment of suitability for the vehicle(s) may be required.  In all cases your chauffeur reserves the right on the day not to take vehicles along unsuitable road surfaces if damage to the vehicle’s bodywork and/or underside may be caused.  Likewise, chauffeurs will do their best to reach all points in your itinerary but there may be diversions or obstructions such as parked cars, in which case it is agreed that drivers will take the vehicle to the nearest readily accessible point for passengers to be collected or disembark. Where there are problems with unsuitable road surfaces, obstructions and diversions The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company are not responsible for any resulting issues which may cause a delay or the need to abandon the remainder of the journey.  Equally, the client should advise us if they have any concerns about access to a particular venue as we would then seek the venue’s guidance.  The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will not be held responsible for vehicle inaccessibility to any address in the clients itinerary.  Naturally, the driver will stop as close to the address as reasonably possible and the client books the vehicle on this understanding and accepts this could happen at venues where unsuitable road surfaces or obstructions to the side or above may have existed before or appear after a check has been carried out.  It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that any permissions or passes required have been obtained and provided to The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company in order to enter private areas, private parking or private roads and to remain thereon. We will not be held responsible if you have not obtained the required permission. Unless a specific route has been requested chauffeurs will decide the best route to be taken, however, if a client decides to change these on the day and deviate from the planned route directions, timings may need to be offered by the client.  If requested we will offer guidance on timings but will not under any circumstances be held liable should our guidance or timings prove inaccurate.

Extending Hire Time on the Day

Occasionally even the best laid timings can slightly overrun for a variety of reasons and your chauffeur(s) will always try to be as flexible as they can if it means a short overlap to the time originally booked.  A longer overrun to the original hire time may still be possible on the day, however this cannot be guaranteed.  It is therefore advisable for clients to book more time than they think they will need to avoid unwanted issues on the day.  If this hasn’t been done at the booking stage and extended time is possible for the chauffeur, the additional cost will be minimal and the client would pay the chauffeur(s) cash on the day for the additional time required.  In the absence of a cash payment on the day prior to extending the hire time, the contract will be deemed as fully completed and ended at the original time the client requested and shown on the clients itinerary.  Although the chauffeur will always try to be flexible, if through no fault of the chauffeur the client’s timings overrun the client is also aware and fully understands the chauffeur may need to depart at or shortly after the original hire time is reached, even if the full itinerary has yet to be fulfilled.  We therefore always recommend at the reservation stage you check with your photographer and registrar, or person conducting the ceremony, to ascertain how much time they will need.  It is wise for the client to book sufficient time to cover the unexpected.  The extra cost, if any, will be minimal and could avoid a problem on the day.

Additional Photography Location

The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will be happy to provide a stop-off for additional photographs en-route from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. This will not incur additional charges unless the proposed stop-off location deviates from the direct route planned or the time required extends beyond that quoted and paid for. Clients should advise The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company at the booking stage should they wish to stop off at a different location for photographs so the correct quote can be provided at the outset.

Misrepresented Itinerary Type

The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company provide vehicles to hire for Weddings, Wedding Blessings, Civil Partnerships, Film & TV work.  Any other type of work requires us to have special licences and different insurances.  Should a booking be misrepresented and made under the banner of permitted hire which on collection turns out to be another type of uninsured hire passengers will not legally be permitted to travel, the vehicle will therefore depart back to base and all monies paid will be forfeited.

Seat Belts

Our vehicles are not fitted with seatbelts due to their classic and vintage age exemption.  Clients must take into consideration this safety aspect prior to booking such vehicles.  Furthermore, they are not suitable for carrying child passengers as they would not comply with safety regulations.

Smoking and Food

We operate a No Smoking policy in all vehicles. Food must not be consumed inside the vehicle(s).

Phone Contact on the Wedding Day

Should a client wish to make urgent contact with their chauffeur on the day their chauffeur will not answer the phone whilst driving, but will respond to messages left after they have stopped and it is safe and legal to do so.

Last Minute Vehicle Change

If, on the rare occasion, a substitute needs to be made urgently on the wedding day itself or very close to the wedding day The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will aim to provide as near a match to the original vehicle as possible.  However, some of our cars are unique and to provide an exact match may not always be possible, especially at very short notice.  The client therefore accepts this and understands that it is important to provide a vehicle so as not to let the client down.

Breakdown on the Day and Refunds

It is very rare that things go wrong, however, in such an event, we would always immediately and directly inform the client of the situation and then take steps to safeguard the interest of the client either by offering alternative similar transport or by sourcing a replacement elsewhere, time permitting.

Unavailability due to Sickness or other Health Related Issues

If we are unable to provide the vehicle and service on the wedding day due to illness or other medical or health related reasons, and assuming we have not been able to find a replacement chauffeur, the client will be entitled to a full refund.  In the event the Client has to cancel the booking due to illness or other medical or health related reasons the client would still be liable for payment to The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Company as per the standard terms and conditions relating to payments and cancellation shown on in our Terms and Conditions.  Health related reasons would include measures needed to control the spread of disease like measles, mumps, chicken pox and other viruses and contagious diseases.  For health-related reasons that are temporary it is assumed the client would rearrange their wedding date and we may take this into consideration if the originally booked vehicle is available on the revised date and the client is simply transferring their booking to that date.

Liability Outside of Direct Control

The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will not be held liable or responsible for situations caused by circumstances outside of our control and/or ‘Force Majeure’ either before, after or on the hire date, resulting in late arrivals at collection addresses, ceremonies or receptions, delays or cancellations to ceremonies or receptions, missed appointments, missed photographic opportunities, missed travel connections, delays by utilising one vehicle on multiple trips to the same destination, clients not departing the collection address at the stated time, traffic congestion, incorrectly advised timings, vehicle breakdowns, punctures, driver or passenger illness or infection, booking cancellations or other circumstances beyond their control not listed above.  Force Majeure is a contract provision that relieves the parties from performing their contractual obligations when certain circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impracticable, illegal, or impossible.

Weather Related Cancellations and Refunds

Extreme weather is considered an unpredictable act of God outside the control of The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company.  If a vehicle was in the middle of carrying out the itinerary and had to abandon the booking due to severe weather (eg, ice, snow, flooding etc), in such circumstances some expenses will need to be met.  For example, fuel and other expenses would be charged.  This ‘expended’ amount would be deducted from the refund due to the client.  Passenger safety will always be paramount in any decision taken.

Cancellation due to Government Health Requirements

If the Government issues a ban on weddings during the period your wedding is booked due to a health crisis like a viral pandemic, or reduces the number of persons that can attend a wedding this is neither the fault of the client or The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company.  If the client’s wedding is banned from taking place altogether then all monies the client has paid will be refunded to the client with the exception of the initial reservation deposit as this is a previously advised non-refundable payment. If the client postpones to a later date rather than cancelling their deposit will simply be transferred to the new date, subject to the booked vehicle being available.

Whilst Entering, Exiting or Inside the Vehicle

It is the responsibility of the wearer to ensure their clothing avoids close proximity or contact with car areas that could produce dirt and grime.  The client must therefore consider this when entering and exiting the vehicle.  The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will not be held liable for soiled or damaged clothing.  If drinks are served or provided The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company will not be held liable for damage to clothing or injury to persons caused by spillage, corks or broken glass, howsoever caused.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they collect their luggage and personal items when leaving the vehicle.  We do not accept liability for items left in our vehicles and are not responsible for forwarding on such items.

Vehicle Damage

The client is responsible for any damage to the vehicle exterior and interior during the hire caused by their own, the bridal party or their guests’ actions or inaction unless loss or damage was directly caused by The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company. Damage also includes, but is not limited to, that caused by clothing studs, zips or sequins, military swords etc. We recommend you allow the chauffeur(s) to open the doors for you especially when entering or exiting the vehicle on main roads, close to buildings or other vehicles.

Conduct and Illness

Vehicles are fully valeted before leaving our premises.  Should a passenger feel unwell the driver will pull over and stop if requested.  In the event of passenger illness in the vehicle the cost of an interior valet and any time lost may be charged by The Yorkshire Dales Vintage Wedding Car Company.  We retain the right to refuse to convey any passenger who, in our opinion, appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substance and whose condition may put the chauffeur, the vehicle or other passengers at risk.  Abusive or offensive behaviour towards the chauffeur is unacceptable, in such situations the chauffeur reserves the right to terminate the hire and not make refund.

Our Service

Your satisfaction is very important to us and we hope that you will be more than happy with the service we provide.  If there are any issues, or if you are unhappy with our service, please do not hesitate to contact us as we want to discuss before there is a problem.  If we cannot resolve a dispute, you are entitled to seek mediation.

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